California Gold Country

This month I did something I wanted to do for a long time. Explore the California Gold country. Although it gained international attention and fame, and the fact that thousands were flocking to this place during the gold rush, it is sparsely populated and remains an  area of verdant beauty. Everywhere I went I saw beautiful countryside, gorgeous views and genuinely friendly people. The whole area had an atmosphere of Live and Let Live.

I had delicious Panna Cotta at Crusco’s in Angels camp. The owner, a lively gentleman, entertained us with interesting stories from his childhood and Italian heritage. I always like to pick up souvenirs and shop for interesting local stuff when I travel. What can I say, I did discover gold…. A set of silver plated antique cups, Ironstone Merlot (it’s good!), Williams Sonoma dessert book, and the Gold medal winner SkyHawk Olive oil. Here are some pictures.

My next dessert is going to be Panna Cotta… from the newly purchased dessert book…