Silver Cleaning Playbook

Kitchen was closed today until noon. Most of the morning was dedicated to silver cleaning and polishing. I have a decent collection but mostly items my parents gave as part of the Indian bridal trousseau. I adore and cherish each piece; from Ashtalakshmi chambu/ghada/pot to the Arati holder; beautifully crafted and carefully selected by my mother. Indian festivals and other family events give me ample opportunities to use them throughout the year.


Keeping your silver looking its best is quite a job.  I use the following few methods to clean and polish. The results are spectacular. Chakamak Chandi! Here is a picture with some of the pieces to show off the results of my labor.

1. If your silver is moderately tarnished but otherwise clean, use the following method. This method is found at this website:

a. Boil a gallon (about 4 litres) of water with 1/3 cup baking soda.

b. Line another pan with aluminium foil. Make sure your pan will accommodate all the items you want to clean.

c. Put all the silver items in the lined pan, and add the hot water with baking soda to cover all the items.

d. Allow to cool. Remove and rinse off each silver piece and dry with a clean soft cloth.

e. Throw away the water and the aluminium foil.

2. For Silver that needs both cleaning and tarnish removal, Mr Metal wipes. These are fantastic. Available at Amazon in a single pack or in a case of 12.


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