Mango Ras and Poori

Ras-Rotli conjures up cozy memories of relishing this classic Gujarati combo for lunch and then slumbering away the afternoon… Ever tried this ? If not, give it a try. There is no special recipe to making this but you do need to  make rotis at  home and smear generous amount of ghee on it. If you can’t make rotis, how about pooris? Either way, this is a very unique combination of plain and exotic.


For Mango Ras, select a few good quality, sweet, ripe mangoes. The traditional way is to kind of press and massage the mango softly (an art in itself)  for a few minutes and then squeeze the juice out but you can just blend the cut mango pieces in a blender and strain the pulp to get a smooth Mango pulp.  Add cardamom powder, if you like. Chill the smooth pulp in the fridge for a few  hours. Eat with pooris or soft rotis.


2 Cups wheat flour

2 tea spoon oil

1/2 tea spoon salt

1/2 cup COLD water

Mix the first three ingredients and then add water to the flour. Knead into a smooth dough such that you can roll pooris  without using flour. Deep fry the pooris.




2 Responses to “Mango Ras and Poori”

  1. Lata Raja Says:

    unbeatable combination…the ras is something that can be enjoyed with something as richly laces with ghee in the ras-rotis only!

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