Pumpkin soup

Soup is the song of the hearth… and the home.” – Louis P. De Gouy, The Soup Book (1949)

I love soups. A warm bowl of soup with a dash of pepper and some bread always hits the spot. At a restaurant, if they have an interesting vegetarian soup, I always try it. I have to mention here the Minestrone soup at Amici’s restaurant in Dublin, California. Chances of catching me red-handed relishing their Minestrone soup and Margarita Pizza on a Friday night – very high.

Until very recently, pretty much the only soup I made at home was tomato soup and that too only when flu hit the house. Now I am trying different soups and really enjoying it. It also gives me a respite from the usual roti-subzi-daal-chaval type of meal. Pumpkin from Halloween and the November nip in the air provided the much needed inspiration to make this Pumpkin soup. Goodbye Fall, hello Winter!

Pumpkin soup

3 cups chopped pumpkin (large pieces)
1 cup chopped carrot (medium size pieces)
1 medium size chopped onion
1 small green chili (optional)
¼ cup mint leaves
¼ cup cilantro/coriander leaves/hara dhaniya
¼ cup cream
½ tea spoon crushed pepper
1 tea spoon salt

  1. Steam-cook pumpkin, carrot and green chili in a pan or pressure cooker until very soft.
  2. Shallow fry onions for 8-10 minutes. Add mint and coriander leaves and fry for another minute or so. Switch off the stove and let the onions cool down to room temperature.
  3. Blend pumpkin, carrots and onions in an electric blender by adding 1.5 cups of water. Blend until smooth.
  4. Pour the blended soup in a pot. Add salt and ¼ tea spoon of crushed black pepper. Add some more water if the soup is too thick. Cook for 5 minutes.
  5. To serve, add some cream and crushed black pepper on top.


7 Responses to “Pumpkin soup”

  1. Shalini Says:

    This is a lovely soup indeed. Shall try soon.

  2. Prathibha Says:

    Hello Manu,

    I’m Prathibha, Bhanu’s cousin. Thanks to you for sharing all these recipes with us. I tried your pumpkin soup yesterday (I used butternut squash as I didn’t have pumpkin) and it came out very good. All of us liked it in my house and my guests too relished it. Next time, I’ll make pumpkin soup with pumpkin 🙂 Can’t wait to try your other dishes.


    • Anupama Says:

      Dear Pratibha, I am really glad to hear this. Thank you for sharing your experience with this recipe. I very much appreciate it.


  3. Sujata Says:

    What a great recipe. I followed your recipe to a T and the soup came out excellent. I have eaten soups all over the world and I think this gets 6 stars from me. I am going to try Churma ladoos soon. They look too good.


  4. Anupama Krishnamurthy Says:

    Dear Ipsita,
    The soup cheered you up, and your email cheered me up! I was delighted to know that you loved the Pumpkin soup. Thanks a lot for the nice email. I really appreciated that. I hope you and Nimisha get together soon and spend lots of time playing.


  5. Ipsita K. Says:

    Dear Manu Auntie,
    My mom and I made this soup and it was excellent. I loved the soup but at first when my mom told me we were making this soup I had said “Yuck!” I am glad that I tried this soup and also enjoyed making it with my mom. I was feeling down this evening because by the time I came from my music class Nimisha was leaving, and I did not get to play with her. By drinking the soup I felt better. Thanks for the recipe.

  6. Minni Says:

    Excellent soup! Really warmed us up on a cool night!

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