Gawarphali Subzi

Last year I told myself that I was going to try new recipes and new foods.  So far I have done pretty OK on that front.  When I saw fresh and tender cluster beans (gorikayi/gavar/gwarphali) at my local Indian grocery store, I enthusiastically bought some with a determination that I was going to make something different, something other than the south-indian style rice I make out of them. I searched the web and came across this interesting Gwarphali recipe on  After reading it I knew it was worth a try. It had an interesting blend of spices and promised a thick gravy.  I made some changes to the recipe to suit my taste. I skipped capsicum altogether and cooked gwarphali on stovetop rather than in  a microwave. The result was a very tasty curry. So there you go, it’s a good idea to try something different.

Gwarphali ki subzi

Gwarphali ki subzi

The recipe calls for a long list of ingredients but making of this curry is no more different or difficult than most Indian curries that we make on a daily basis.

Fresh cluster beans

Fresh cluster beans

2 table spoon oil

2 cups gwarphali/gavar/gorikayi/cluster beans pieces

2 tomatoes

1 tea spoon garam masala

1/2 tea spoon dry mango powder/amchoor

1 tea spoon red chili powder

tea spoon coriander powder

1 table spoon wheat flour

1 tablespoon fresh grated coconut (optional)

2 table spoon peanuts

1 table spoon chopped cilantro

a few curry leaves/kadhi patta/mitho limdo

1/4 tea spoon haldi/turmeric, 1.5 tea spoon salt

For vaghar/tadka: 1 tsp mustard seeds/rai, 1/2 tsp cumin/jeera & 1/4 tsp hing

1. Snip off ends of gwarphali and cut each into 2 pieces. Boil these beans in about 3/4 cup of water until they are just about cooked. Don’t overcook them. Once cooked, take them off the stove.

2. Heat oil and do vaghar/tadka with mustard seeds, jeera and hing. Add curry leaves and peanuts.

3. Add chopped tomatoes, turmeric, garam masala, red chili powder, mango powder/amchoor, salt and coriander powder. Cook on low heat for about 3 minutes stirring a few times in between.

4. Add cooked gwarphali and fresh coconut to the above mix and sprinkle about 1 tea spoon of wheat flour. Mix well and let the curry simmer until most of the water has evaporated. Spread chopped cilantro on top.

You don’t have to use fresh coconut but I thought it really added to the taste of this curry.


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